Chosing a center


It is not always easy to make your choice when you discover Ayurveda, in fact, according to one's health, time available, budget, travel habits, etc. There are many possibilities and therefore many criteria of choice.

However, it must be known that any treatment requires a minimum of time; in one week we have an overview, in two weeks, we can do a mini-panchakarma, ie a reset of the counters, after we heal.

On the other hand, an ayurvedic cure is not comparable to anything you have known, contrary to thalassotherapy or hydrotherapy treatments, there is no water, there is no automatic machines, there are only human contacts.

An Ayurvedic cure, even if it puts the "human machinery" in good condition and if one experiences lasting benefits, is not a cure of well-being either. (But rather a mode of "being-well"). The massages are so called but do not have the vocation to bring muscular relaxation, they are even sometimes very powerful; the treatments you are given to cleanse and detoxify your body can sometimes cause nausea, or diarrhea, but under control and without danger. In a word, it is unanimously a beneficial event, but it is not the Club Med or a Lookéa ... It is important to know it in advance.

This site is an excellent way to have visual information about the environment in which you will spend your stay, but there are details that can only be revealed after a verbal exchange or by e-mail.

We try to be as objective as possible in what we show, but it may be that some photos or some texts give a different idea than you would like in the end.

It is very important that you know where you are going, how are things going, what are the most and the least, so as not to be apprehensive or disappointed.


Before any decision, it is therefore important to determine your deep motivation: heal, de-stress, strengthen your immune defenses, want to break, different holidays, take care of yourself, relax, etc ...

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of eligibility criteria that each center does not necessarily answer:

  • budget
  • health problems, pathologies
  • maintenance, prevention, strengthen your health,
  • rejuvenation, detoxination, rebalancing of energies
  • relaxation and well-being
  • weight loss diet
  • tobacco addiction
  • location (isolated, near town, near village, near beach, near airport, etc ...)
  • tourist resources
  • beach and sea shore
  • calm
  • dates and duration (high or low season)
  • swimming pool
  • temperature
  • space (bedroom, common areas, deck chairs, relative isolation, unobstructed view)
  • rather health than holidays, rather holidays than health,
  • discovery of ayurveda, yoga and meditation
  • Green Leaf certification
  • etc ...

We have classified centers in 5 categories : 

full "dhara pot" (q.v.)

Center 100% ayurvedic (only people for treatments there)

split "dhara pot"

Resort with one vaidyasala (true Ayurveda, but melted clients, veg and non veg food, etc...)

"dhara pot" with the word SPA

(non-medical personal care, therapeutic techniques borrowed from Ayurveda - Shirodhara or abhyangam for example)

There is generally no medical diagnosis by vaidyas (ayurvedic doctors). Oils are not personalized, it can, however, give an idea of the tools used by Ayurveda.

SPA alone

SPA with no ayurveda

"dhara pot" with a H

Ayurvedic hospital or clinic (with or without accommodation)


Most of the centers presented on this site are intended to regenerate and also to treat, but to meet an existing demand, there are also SPA-AYURVEDA, limited in competence, and reported as such.

There may be centers on our site that are not adapted to your request, or that do not fully meet our selection criteria, but their presence is complementary information for those who explore the net ...


In terms of Reenergization, which is also prevention, the methods are dictated by tradition and by the university and are personalized, but similar. All of this is of course supervised by a state-certified Ayurvedic doctor (vaidya).


The term rejuvenation, which consists of putting the entire nervous and cellular machine back into working order, is also a preventive mode, but corresponds to a reality and an immediate demand of our physical body. It is very adapted to our situations of stress and somaticizations punctual and gives in addition well-being and relaxation.


We also use the term REENERGIZATION, because it corresponds to the goal: to recover its initially optimal energy potential (prakriti or prakruti).


The treatments are individualized, controlled by an Ayurvedic doctor and adapted to your constitution.


Ayurvedic SPAs are often integrated into a larger SPA structure that includes beauty treatments or body fitness, skin, muscle, physical wellbeing, etc.

The word "ayurveda massage" - which is a distorted adaptation of the word abhyangam whose primary function is not to intervene on the muscles - is often used in a broad sense to testify to certain practices used in ayurveda. Ayurvedic products commonly used in abhyangam are only partially present, and apart from medical diagnosis. It may look like an oriental massage.

Typical Ayurvedic treatments such as shirodhara or kizhi for example are not done under medical supervision, and are therefore more "culturally" interesting than clinically. Some negative effects can sometimes be observed, but very rare over a short period.

Let's not forget that Ayurveda is a global medicine, and that it is not planned to take a technique out of its holistic context ...

SPA-AYURVEDA = AYURVEDA LIGHT = Samples of Ayurvedic care without medical guidance.


In these resorts the treatments are standardized and have a relationship with Ayurveda only through the generic use of certain techniques specific to Ayurveda. There is no medical diagnosis.


There can be in a resort a 100% Ayurvedic care unit and also a classic SPA. It is the presence of one or more doctors that makes the difference.

When we visited or tested the centers and resorts, this is reported in the testimonials section, together with the comments of former curists.


Asterisks that "value" our appreciation of the centers are not stars. It's a note - quite subjective - that could just as well go from 0 to 20, but that's actually 1 to 6.